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Scandinavian Boho Cabin

What do you do when you've made the decision to purchase an older cabin, in the woods, that needs a refresh to market as an Airbnb home rental? We took this cabin from rustic and dated to Scandinavian chic.

Take a peek!

The owners of this cabin, Ben and Summer, wanted to give this cabin in the woods the essence of the Scandinavian word "hygge," which means coziness, comfort and contentment. Bifröst became the name of the cabin, a quiet and simple Scandinavian cabin nestled in the forested area of Skykomish, Washington. This Airbnb rental features 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and overlooks the river, providing guests with an ultimate cocoa-sipping view!

Bifröst features an outdoor fire pit, an indoor wood-burning stove, two reading nooks, a projector room, a kids room, a loft overlooking the river, and a deck overlooking the fire pit. There are also two desks areas for remote working.

It was our goal to give this rustic backdrop an updated look adding in boho texture, Scandinavian simplicity and the functionality for hosting multiple guests at a time.

Let's looks at this before and after kitchen series pictured below. We added white cabinets for a simple look to contrast with the wood tone surrounding the room. Replacing the laminate countertops with butcher block, and extending of the bar top surface adds usability and user function for the kitchen gathering space. Lastly, we swapped out the appliances for a slick, modern feel.

Finishing touches such as the lighting fixtures and sink faucet are simple yet highly effective touches to help bring this cabin up to date.

In the next photo, we will look at how to creatively us a loft space with some upgraded furniture selections.

This reading nook is directed towards the window view and creates an inviting space to cozy up and read a book. We still prioritized bed count for rental market appeal, however, with a nice cozy twin size daybed on the opposite side of the room. Perfect for the person who wants to wake up to a stellar morning view.

Before Photo: This room pictured below doesn't provide great user function, lighting availability or visual symmetry, so we added in some features to help with this.

After Photo:

How about this before and after? We made smaller investments in this room, focusing on a big-impact result.

Sheer curtains soften the window and add an ambient light to the space while hiding the functional yet less appealing blinds. An area rug brings up the quality of the flooring without having to replace it. Balancing the beds in a way that fits rather than competes with the architecture of the loft will mean more comfortable sleeping for every guest!

We added a more interesting nightstand table between the two beds, with high-tech charging capabilities to attract any Airbnb renter. The wall sconces add personalized bedside lighting easily within reach, without spending a fortune on hardwired installations.

This living room need a new layout and furniture pieces. For starters, we simplified the fireplace wall with some minimalist Nordic artwork that was important to the cabin owners.

The TV moved to a downstairs hangout room, while cozy layered rugs and pops of pattern make for a vibrant scene in front of the forested windows. These chairs from Pottery Barn are surprisingly comfortable! Add layers of blankets and pillows and you definitely can't go wrong.

For the bathrooms, we painted the walls, upgraded lighting fixtures and faucets, added new hardware, finished with tabletop amenities that every Airbnb host needs to look prepared and stylish!


After: Adding in foliage and greenery (yes, even faux!) is an affordable way to make the space look and feel fresh.

We spent time in the dining room and remodeling the workspace areas as well. This cabin is so unique and cozy; we were so pleased to help out this client to create the right atmosphere for hosting. We had so much fun with this project and can't wait to go visit Ben and Summer in their remodeled cabin!

You can check out this Airbnb listing here.

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