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Our Bend Remodel: main bath

thank youuuu for all the sweet comments and interest in how we did a little facelift for this ensuite bathroom!

Let me tell you a little something about this bathroom. We walked in and the first things I noticed were; a fiberglass shower stall with a tiny door, in a dark corner of the bathroom. There were (3) different wall textures; some sort of diy sponge paint on what looked like metallic wallpaper, overly textured drywall ceiling, and a wall with so many things attached to it that when we took them down (like a glued piece of mirror) the drywall just peeled off. A PLUS OF THE ROOM: right off the bat I fell in love with the fact that it had a window with ample daylight to an expansive backyard with no privacy issues (but also, YUCK, our backyard you guys... haven't even SHARED those photos yet because yikes it might take me 5 years to want to share a before & after l0l).

So! Now that you have the download on how bad it truly was, here's a glimpse of what we were able to do on a budget. Key words being "ON A BUDGET". I'm really proud of us! :)

Ikea vanity... I didn't want to go this route to be perfectly honest. I wanted a Rejuvenation vanity I found (drool). Money starts to disappear quickly when you're doing a remodel where EVERYTHING sucks and EVERYTHING needs fixing hahah sooooo, we went with IKEA. Vanity was a bit of a beast to install. Would not recommend unless you have someone really good at retrofitting existing plumbing. But I am STOKED on all the storage - we got a wall shelf and I hardly use it because the two large drawers hold all my junk ie hair stuff and lotions.

I love LOVE adding new hardware to any cabinet for an easy face-lift. I went with these Anthropologie ones because I just think they're adorable. No better reasoning :)

We went with the Delta Trinsic faucet because I LOVE how the champagne bronze is warm without being too brassy.

To coordinate with the faucet we did the Delta Stryke shower fixture. They have a few other options in the

same champagne bronze finish.

Something I decided on quickly... as in, before we even had the old shower removed from the bathroom... was this tile for the shower. Paint TerraCotta by TileBar. I just knew it che2cked all the boxes for me: 1) high quality and high-performing for installation 2) color variation from tile to tile making it seem custom without spending $$ 3) not spending the $$ just "one dollar sign" as I like to say haha

We chose to use a Prism grout color called Chateau and the tile guy did an AMAZING job at my installation request which was to do horizontal lines 3x thicker than the vertical lines. Creating a nice variation and optical illusion that it's a more complex pattern than it really is :) ;) We also added a waterproof recessed light inside the shower stall which makes a WORLD of difference! It'll make the smallest shower feel larger.

If you like the vanity mirror, I'm so sorry to say that Wayfair has recently stopped carrying it in that color. Boo. But they have it in walnut finish, and who knows maybe the lighter wood will return! I do LOVE the one we got! It feels substantial and heavy on the wall; it has wood backing behind the glass mirror to make for a nice profile look to it. And the ledge is perfect for shaving, makeup, toothbrush... as long as you clean up after yourself, that's the rule around here in these smaller spaces ;)

Now.... how in the world did I fix the walls in here? With blood sweat & tears and quite literally a few weekends + a weekend after we moved in. I used Portola Paints Roman Clay in the color Patagonia. This was the best decision I made for this room! The reason it was extra challenging was that this material does best over a smooth surface. There was NOTHING smooth about my bathroom. I ended up using about 3x the amount of roman clay that they usually recommend! So be prepared for a few coats. I also opted for the waterproof top coat sealer; which I applied after we moved in simply because I was on a time crunch. I'd definitely recommend doing the top coat asap and not procrastinating like I did. haha! Am I happy with how it turned out? YES! Do I wish a pro had helped me? Mayyyybe..? But I get to say that I truly DIY'ed it and that feels pretty good when I look at the inconsistencies and cute little globs of texture. It helped the ceiling 10x over; that thing was shiny and bumpy and not pretty!

I snagged a light fixture from Lauren, owner of Gathered Wares, when she had a garage sale at her house. I got it for $3, then went home and spray painted it the same champagne bronze to match the other hardware! LOVE LOVE how it turned out.

The floating shelf was from a vintage shop in Oregon for $6; but here's a similar one I was eyeing as inspo for my thrift shopping.

I'm very sad to say the fun towel holder and toilet paper holder were coordinating pieces that I got from an Etsy maker. They are no longer available; but my best advice is to hunt Etsy for stuff like that! People are so creative! :)

All-in I'd have to say we spent about $4k on this bathroom (after plumbing updates, ripping out the wall and relocating the shower head height, adding a walk-in shower pan). Oh and yesss, we floated new flooring over the old stuff, and someday I'm excited to tackle a DIY tile floor! Send all your pro tips. Feel pretty good about the overall impact and update to this little room. I've also recently added some frosted vinyl to the window to soften the views to our outside yard which is - like I said - a HUGEEE work in progress and I didn't want to be reminded of it while taking a peaceful shower haha. My plan is to remove the sticker when I feel confident in what I'm looking at outside. Where my landscape/plant people at?! Come help me!!!!

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