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Vintage Burro Trailer

We had the opportunity to partner with our lovely friend Julia Duke of Julia Duke Photo on an update to her vintage Burro trailer! We stripped the trailer down to its core and then added layers of texture, warmth, and character to create the ultimate budget-friendly DIY facelift. Local artist and vendor partnerships are very important to us. Cara from Charlie November Design created a gorgeous custom graphic wallpaper on the curved backsplash wall behind the sink. Lauren at Gathered Wares hooked us up with many amazing vintage pieces that add the perfect flair.

How on earth do you do this in a small trailer, without spending a fortune? Here are a few tips. 1) Suction cup hangers helped us display everything from decor to mugs. 2) The waterproof custom wallpaper on the curved wall adds plenty of style where tile wouldn't be an option. 3) Battery-powered lights and a macrame pendant shade (again thanks to suction cups) provide classy lighting. 4) Plans are in the works for a bunk bed on the wood ledge that serves as a decor mantel when the bed isn't set up! 5) The painted cabinet doors and custom hardware match the Burro branding, while cane paneling over the cabinets will add texture and character without compromising the cabinets or creating heat loss.

Julia and her husband Chris are continuing to work hard on the trailer. Future plans include adding stylish and functional handmade canvas curtains to the windows and decorating the ceiling with bamboo slats. It's going to be grand, so stay tuned for the finished product!

Below are the "BEFORE PHOTOS"!

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